Retriever Training by Final Flight Retrievers

Final Flight Retrievers offers the finest retriever training and gundog training facilities in northeast Pennsylvania. We're located near Wilkes-Barre, PA, in the heart of the Syracuse-Allentown corridor which makes us an easy drive for anyone in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania who want a great trial dog or simply a great hunting companion. I've had great success with a program that's all about letting a dog develop at their own pace and our retriever trainers are dedicated to you and your dog.

We know and love dogs, but we also know that not all of them will become field trial champions or even the next greatest hunting retrievers in the world. So that’s why I have developed programs that fit just about every need whether it’s your next Field trial Champion, Master National Hunter or a hunter companion. Each dog is unique and each dog learns at there own pace, so if you need a dog to stay steady in the blind and pick em' up on the weekends or a dog that will compete at the National level we have a training program that will get them there.

We don't just train hunting dogs; we're also a responsible breeder and invite you to take a look at our up-coming/future litters and be sure to follow us on Facebook. I post updates from trials and training almost daily.

It's been said that if you truly love something, you're usually pretty good at it. I love what I do and I'd like to train your next retriever. Give me a call. I could talk dogs all day!

Final Flight Retrievers
Scott Shafer
145 Harris Street
Dallas, PA 18612
Phone: 570-406-3295

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